Disability Insurance for The New Year

Disability Insurance for The New Year! A New Year’s Resolution! Everyone seems to have resolutions at the beginning of the year be it to lose weight or save more money.

We also happen to get a lot of calls from existing clients wanting to either add to or change their existing life and disability insurance. Over the course of time, income levels change, parents have additional children, and people make big purchases. These life events will make a big difference in your insurance needs.

Over the last 30 years the standard amount of insurance needed by a family ranges from 8-10 times your income. A lot depends on the amount of debt you have, how many children you have, and if your spouse works outside of the home. Addressing these questions and concerns are where we come in. Based off your needs, we can calculate an appropriate life or Disability Insurance for the New Year.

When your income changes a lot of the time company group plans don’t keep up and don’t provide the amount of coverage you need to survive if you were to suffer an illness of injury that prevented you from working. Having a supplemental disability plan that is tied to your name and not your companies can follow you if you change jobs or are put on leave for an injury. These supplemental policies have become a necessity in this day and age.

So as the new year is upon us, take stock in your current coverage and review any options or enhancements that are available to you. We can help with any question or concerns you might have. Click for a Free Quote or Contact Us free of Charge.